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25 May 2008 @ 03:03 am
More livehouse-only benefits for CDs announced + Kenzi in Cure  

Additional benefits for purchasing the best-of album and single at ∀NTI FEMINISM lives have been announced on the Japanese OHP. If you purchase both CDs, you'll receive a poster free.

Also, and most importantly, if you buy the single 15Sai at a livehouse, you'll receive... a complimentary Tirol chocolate. There will be seven kinds of chocolate and the distribution will be random.

"There will also be a special version with Kenzi's beloved daughter Koromaru!"

...Whatever that means.

(Koromaru is his dog, as I'm sure you all know. XD)

Uh... so yeah, if any of you will be lucky enough to go to any upcoming lives, please do let us know about all that, ROFL.

Anyway, in other news, Vol. 58 of Cure magazine will feature an ∀NTI FEMINISM interview, so be sure to pick that up, along with vol. 57 which features a Kenzi vs. Taiji Sawada interview.